Clean Air – Small Console

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Clean Air – Small Console


Available in small, medium and large, the advanced Clean Air freestanding console design offers superior performance, efficient use of firewood, and outstanding performance and durability. The firebox’s Heat Exchange Activation Tubes and three-speed double barrel fan enhance natural convection and are the signature of all Clean Air Wood Heaters. Don’t be fooled by the size compared to other small sized slow combustion indoor wood heaters, the Clean Air Small Freestanding Wood Heater is in a class of its own for efficiency and performance. When using a Clean Air wood heater, it does not add to the greenhouse effect. Clean Air slow combustion wood heaters use low emission technology to gain maximum heat output with minimum emission into the atmosphere. The 6mm steel firebox, Skamolex lining and three-speed double barrel fan as standard make this wood heater the ideal choice for heating a house up to 200m² during those cold winter nights with the family.

  • Dimensions: 815(H) x 709(W) x 592(D) mm
  • Heating Capacity: up to 200m²
  • Peak Heat Output: 12kW
  • Burn Time: up to 8 hours
  • Maximum Log Size: 340mm
  • Construction: 6mm steel firebox with Skamolex™ lining
  • Firebox Volume: 0.05m³
  • Baffle: 25mm Skamolex baffle
  • Heat exchange activation tubes
  • Fan: 3 speed remote controlled fan
  • Efficiency: 72%
  • Low Emissions: 0.95g/kg
  • Side viewing windows
  • Curved front glass
  • Leg mounted base
  • 15 year firebox warranty
  • Stainless steel flexible flue pipes
  • Stainless steel offsets and customised adaptors
  • Stainless steel chimney top capping complete with outer pipe fitting and standard weather cowl

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Clean Air Brochure

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