Weather Cowls

Attards Weather Cowl

Manufacturers of standard weather cowls to suit all types and sizes of flues, including for wood heater systems, exhaust pipes and air intakes, all in various metals including Stainless Steel, Colorbond, Galvanized Steel, and Zincalume. We can also fabricate Wind Directional Weather Cowls to eliminate wind gusts disturbing the exhaust flow. Our design utilises the wind to assist rather than hinder the extraction of flue systems.

Attards Standard Wood Heater Triple Skin Weather Cowl

We design and fabricate our own Attards weather cowls to suit a Standard 6” flue kit, it is constructed using high quality 304 2B Stainless Steel that has been tested to last 20+ years. It is made with a wind band around the top part of the cowl to stop down draft from wind and a bottom cone to be able to cover the outer pipes on a standard heater install. We can also fabricate any size cowls as requested. We keep in stock the standard 6” and also 80mm, 4”, 4.5”, 4.75” (120mm), 5”, 5.5” (all other cowls up to 12” made to order).

Attards Basic Hats

We fabricate a basic style cowl to suit domestic rangehoods and other venting systems from 100mm (4”) to 300mm (12”). We can produce these with wind bands or without.

If you need a specific design don’t hesitate to ask if we can help.

Standard Maxiheat Weather Cowls

We keep stock of the standard Maxiheat 6” weather cowl for straight swap overs on old flue kits.

Wind Directional Weather Cowls

In some situations, the combination of strong winds and the location of structures, trees, and roof valleys can influence the efficiency of the standard type weather cowl, causing either the smoke not clearing the cowl effectively or forcing the smoke back down the flue system.

At Attards Metal & Heaters we supply a wind directional weather cowl which eliminates these issues. We have successfully manufactured a weather cowl which will pivot, turning the flue discharge away from the direction of the wind. The wind will direct the cowl away from the direction of the wind. An additional advantage of this design is that the wind will also assist in drawing out the smoke.

We have designed 2 options of wind directional cowls based on cost.

1: The Nun’s Hat style

2: The Eagle style

The Nun’s Hat style wind directional weather cowl uses a Stainless Steel rod mounted internally and spins on a sharpened point.

The Eagle style wind directional weather cowl uses sealed Stainless Steel bearings mounted internally for long lasting free spinning and serviceable parts.

Again as in our standard systems the wind directional cowl is fabricated from 304 grade Stainless Steel and the critical bearings are also Stainless Steel. We can adapt these cowls to any flue size.

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