Ventilation & Duct Work

Attards originally specialised predominantly in ventilation and duct work, and we still provide customised systems to meet your needs, or even just repair/replace existing systems or individual items.

Since 1982 Attards have been manufacturing sheet metal ducting for local and interstate clients accumulating the expertise to execute any project flawlessly.

  • Fully insulated air conditioning systems
  • Exhaust and ventilation systems, including filter plenums
  • Offsets, tapers, square to round transitions
  • Spigots
  • Flexible fan connections
  • Pittsburgh joints
  • 25mm and 35mm Knock on flanged joining systems

All ducting is fabricated from galvanised steel sheeting, Colorbond or stainless steel from 0.6mm to 1.2mm thickness.

We calculate and engineer the required duct sizes, air flows, system resistances and fan selections for your projects

Ventilation & Duct Work Gallery