Custom Toolboxes & Ute Canopies

Attards have been building custom toolboxes and canopies for over 30 years with many still seen fitted to Ute’s these days. We build high quality and durable products that are custom made to suit any customer’s needs. We can build toolboxes and canopies with a range of opening lips from basic strengthening folds to weatherproof lips with rubber Pinchweld Seals. We keep in stock many types of locks, 3-point locking bars, hinges, rubber seals, tail-gate hinges and more.

We can calculate and order the necessary gas struts based on the weight and size of a toolbox or canopy door.

We can supply replacement parts for your old toolboxes and canopy accessories e.g. locks, hinges, latches, rubber seals, over center locks, vents, gas struts, drawer slides and more.

We even can help with fitting out of existing canopies with shelves, drawers, internal panels for electrical gear, racks, solar panel mounting or just weld up cracked corners & damaged joints.

Custom Toolboxes & Ute Canopies Gallery