Stainless Steel Exhaust Hoods & Benches

At Attards we specialise in Commercial Stainless Steel Benches and Rangehoods, we also work with Domestic customers too who want an easy to clean commercial kitchen look at home.

Attards will measure, design, fabricate and install a custom Range Hood system. We will site measure existing cooking appliances, working area and engineer a Range Hood, Duct work system and fan to suit the size of the cooking area. We design all our Range Hoods within the specifications from the Australian Standards.

Attards has the capability to build Stainless benches and Bench frames. We can supply drop in bowls for domestic use or for commercial jobs we can do weld-in bowls and wet edges if required. All our stainless steel bench tops are specially glued to a 17mm thick substrate to create a very solid bench top. We fully weld all corners and spend the time to polish them back to a brushed finish. Bench frames are fabricated from stainless RHS/SHS and can have shelves added too. We use adjustable Stainless Steel feet in our legs to finish off the bench.

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