Eximo SpeedLock (Dust & fume extraction systems)

Innovation for a Cleaner Environment

Eximo Speedlock specialises in modular steel ducting and flexible ducting (sometimes called hoses, flexible tubes) for all industrial situations.

Eximo Flex

Whether it’s state of the art antistatic ducting; ducting with superior high chemical resistance or flame retardation; ducting that offers high flexibility and excellent axial compressibility or ducting resistant to aggressive and abrasive fumes and dust, the Eximo product can provide the solution.

All Eximo flexible duct products clip straight into Eximo SpeedLock standard, with hose tail fittings built into the modular duct. Quality assurance at every point of production guarantees many years of highly effective service from every Eximo SpeedLock system.

Eximo Speedlock Ducting

SpeedLock Modular Ducting is used in any manufacturing industry where fumes, dust or other suspended airborne matter requires extraction without leakage of air or conveyed product, into the immediate atmosphere.

Anywhere dust and fumes are to be conveyed from one point to another without leakage of air or conveyed product to the atmosphere.

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