Flue Pipes

Attards Metal & Heaters supply and fabricate all our own flue pipes in house. We can make them out of loads of types of materials including Galbond sheet, Stainless Steel, Color Bond sheet, Zinc Anneal sheet, Zinc Alume sheet and even Copper sheet flue pipes.

Most pipes are made from 0.55mm material and seam locked to allow movement while being heated up, but we have done heavy duty pipes made up to 3mm thick (1500mm max length) for structural strength.

Attards also makes a spot welded lobster back style 45° offset for wood heaters, range hoods, commercial drying and other forms of ducting. A 45° offset is fairly standard and we keep 80mm, 4”, 5” and 6” Stainless Steel in stock. We also do a triple skin 45° offset with 6”s/s, 8”gal, 10”gal.

We can fabricate any size to any offset angle needed in most materials, just ask the office or email an enquiry.

Flue Pipes Gallery