Made for Unique Conditions!

Designed and made for unique conditions, Saxon sets the standard in woodheating technology. The Saxon heater range is truly a better choice. State of the art low emission technology combined with style and ease of use.
View the Saxon wood heater range

The Flame of the future!

Buying a Kent wood heater not only gives you a clean burning, efficient method of keeping your home warm throughout winter, it also supports the landcare movement. Design and made for unique conditions.
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Its time to come clean!

No other wood heater combines a clean burn, high performance and durability quite like a Clean Air Wood heater. Clean Air wood heaters are designed and manufactured especially for Australian winters and are perfect for cozying up on a cold winters night.
View the CleanAir wood heater range

An Exceptional Fire!

Regency was founded with the mission to produce the fines fireplace products available anywhere. As a result, Regency has been honoured with awards for exceptional aesthetics and performance and is knows as the premium brand around the world.
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Heat to the Max!

The new range of Kent wood heaters.
View the Maxiheat wood heater range.

Made in Australia for Australia

There is an Eureka wood heater to suit every Australian home with 14 outstanding models and designs available, from the famous bay window range to the sleek an stylish flat windows freestanding and insert models.
View the Eureka woodheater range

Pellets. Clean & Convient!

A renewable and eco-friendly fuel, wood pellets are a green bio-fuel and one of the best choices for the environment and for your own wellbeing, not to mention the pleasant warmth and view that a fire can provide.
View the Piazzetta woodheater range

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