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Attard provides a comprehensive design, fabrication and installation service for all sheet metal and stainless steel jobs.
We stock a wide range of sheet metal from 0.45mm to 3.00mm thick. We cut small and large jobs to size and fold to your specification. If not sure we can assist you with the design of your project.

For any custom job give us a call on 02 6621 8185 or use the contact form below to make an enquiry.

Wind Directional Weather Cowls

Manufacturers of standard weather cowls to suit all types and sizes of flues, including for wood heater systems, Exhaust pipes and air intakes, all in various metals including Stainless Steel, Colorbond, Galvanized Steel, and Zincallum. Also we can fabricate Wind directional Weather Cowls to eliminate wind gusts disturbing the exhaust flow. Our design utilizes the wind to assist rather than hinder the extraction of flue systems.

In some situations the combination of strong winds and the location of structures, trees, and roof valleys can influence the efficiency of the standard type flue cowl, causing either the smoke not clearing the cowl effectively or forcing the smoke back down the flue system.

At Attard Sheet Metal we supply a weather flue cowl which eliminated these issues. We have successfully manufactured a flue cowl which will pivot, turning the flue discharge away from the direction of the wind; the wind directional weather cowl uses sealed stainless steel bearings mounted internally. The wind will direct the cowl away from the direction of the wind.  An additional advantage of this design is that the wind will also assist in drawing out the smoke.

Again as in our standard systems the wind directional cowl is fabricated from 304 grade stainless steel and the critical bearings are also stainless steel. We can adapt these cowls to any flue size.

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