Pellets. Clean & Convient!

A renewable and eco-friendly fuel, wood pellets are a green bio-fuel and one of the best choices for the environment and for your own wellbeing, not to mention the pleasant warmth and view that a fire can provide.

Pellets are a very popular choice nowadays and can be sourced in the Northern Rivers area from a local manufacturer in Woodburn using by-product from local hardwood manufacturers. Above all for the cost-effective warmth they provide as a fuel with an excellent heat output since they are moisture-free and cost less than other fuels. They are also a practical option because they are easy to find, easy to handle and easy to store.

Piazzetta pellet appliances have a handy remote control you can use to set when the stove comes on and goes off, during a day and during the week. In addition to this function, pellet appliances also enable you to manage and monitor their operation remotely, by sending a text message or using the App via Wi-Fi.

pellet heater

Minimalistic Lines 

The minimalistic lines and design of the P958 M allows it to perfectly adapt to any room and decor style. The modern design offers a sleek and efficient alternative to traditional wood heating.Fully programmable and optional SMS ensures you have control of your home heating. It even tells you when it needs more pellets! Available in a range of great colours, that will suit any décor. Pellet heating is up to 70% more efficient than traditional wood stoves and have significantly lower emissions levels. It’s comfort with a conscience.
  • Cladding Steel Stove Steel
  • Firebox Cast Iron
  • Top Steel and Majolica
  • Baffle Plate Cast Iron
  • Brazier Cast Iron
  • Door Cast Iron
  • Door Handle Steel w nickel-plate
  • Standard Flue Outlet Position Rear Left
  • Optional Flue Outlet Position Left Side
  • Dual Power No
  • Remote Control Optional
  • Humidifier Optional
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Power Levels 4
  • Programmable Timer-Thermostat 6 Daily Time Slots
  • Ceramic Glass Resistant to 750º
  • Air Glass Cleaning System
  • Pellet Level Sensor
  • Ash Drawer Removable
  • Eco and Energy Function 
  • Front Ventilation Directional Vents
  • Ducted Ventilation Adjustable Vents
Heats up to 250m2
Ollare, Nero Opaco or Rosso Lava
 Vertical Pellet Stove Flue Kit

Download the Flue Kit Brochure

Height  101 cm
Width  51
Depth  49
*Please refer to the manufacturer installation instructions before you install and use your new wood fire. Local codes and regulations may override the manufacturer specifications.
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Attard Sheet Metal produces Stainless Steel Flue kits to suit our wide range of Wood Heaters. The stainless steel flue kit consists of items manufactured from high quality steels.

All stainless steel items, including the active flue pipes and weather cowls, are fabricated from 304 grade, 0.55mm thick, satin finish stainless steel, ensuring trouble free years of service.

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