The Flame of the future!

Buying a Kent wood heater not only gives you a clean burning, efficient method of keeping your home warm throughout winter, it also supports the landcare movement. Design and made for unique conditions, Kent sets the standard in woodheating technology.

The firebox, the heart of Kent Heaters offers strength of special grade 6mm BHP steel winch maintains thermal efficiency second to none. The Kent heater is truly 'The Flame of the Future'. State of the art low emission technology combined with style and ease of use.

Kent has developed the ultimate low emission system using high-tech energy boost combination TWO AIR INTAKES. Not only does the wood burn, but the carbon rich gasses emitted burn as well. Virtually no smoke or other gasses are released, just clean warm air that spreads throughout your home for maximum comfort.

kent woodheater

Open fire replacement!

Designed and manufactured with the largest of openings in mind, the Evolution 8 Inbuilt Wood Heater (EV8I) is as good as it gets. Ideal for heating larger homes up to 280m2 (28 squares), this inbuilt wood heater in ironbark colour will be an asset to any new home or fit comfortably in an older setting. Tested and approved to Australian Standard AS2918, the EV8I comes with 10 years firebox warranty, cast iron baffle and factory fitted 3 speed fan.

  • Heats up to 300m2
  • 10 year warranty
  • Double air intakes
  • Low emissions
    Virtually no smoke or other gasses
  • 6mm BHP steel Firebox
  • Self cleaning ceramic glass
  • Easily adjusted combustion rate
  • 3-Speed fan
Heats up to 300m2
Iron Bark
Stainless steel flue system
  • Stainless steel flexible flue pipes
  • Stainless steel offsets and customized adaptors
  • Stainless steel chimney top capping complete with outer pipe fitting and standard weather cowl
Facia Height 795 mm
Zero Clearance   795
Facia Width 1032
Zero Clearance   1032
Cabinet Height 674
Zero Clearance   817
Cabinet Width 703
Zero Clearance   838
Cabinet Dept 437
Zero Clearance   578
*Please refer to the manufacturer installation instructions before you install and use your new wood fire. Local codes and regulations may override the manufacturer specifications.
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Attard Sheet Metal produces Stainless Steel Flue kits to suit our wide range of Wood Heaters. The stainless steel flue kit consists of items manufactured from high quality steels.

All stainless steel items, including the active flue pipes and weather cowls, are fabricated from 304 grade, 0.55mm thick, satin finish stainless steel, ensuring trouble free years of service.

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