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All the charm of dancing flames on a cold winter’s night, without the heat loss or inconvenience of conventional open fireplaces – that’s what Eureka heaters offer you.

There is an Eureka wood heater to suit every Australian home., 14 outstanding models and designs are available, from the famous bay window range to the sleek an stylish flat windows freestanding and insert models. There are also variables such as the Cooker, Woodstock and the unique Nugget radiant which can also be fan forced.

For those wishing to heat several area's, you may choose from two styles of double sided wood heaters which can be placed through a plaster or brick wall.

eureka wood heater

Heating and cooking!

The Eureka Nugget is a multi-purpose heater, usable for both heating and cooking.

You can boil or simmer on either the front or back top shelf of the heater.

This unit has the same low clearance of conventionally cased heaters.

  • A large door, a powerful three speed fan and a firebrick lined firebox are main unique features
  • Maximum heat output and long burn periods per fuel load
  • Quality three-speed fan, designed for easy access and removal
  • Clean glass door during normal burning (self-cleaning). Heavy duty removeable 8mm thick steel sacrificial baffle plate
  • Deep ash bed for convenient ash retention
  • Mimimum hearth requirements
  • Strong welded seam and folded 5mm firebox
  • Superior baked high temperture paint finish
  • 5mm heat and shock resistant clear vision door glass
  • Firebrick lining on the sides and back of the firebox which enchances the combustion efficiency whilst protecting the most vulnerable part of the firebox
  • Complies to A.S. 4013

Heats up to 180m2
Black Metallic

  • Gold or Chrome door
  • Reflective stainless steel flue shields
  • Colorbond outer pipes to match your roof colour
  • Custom made flue offsets, wall and floor penetrations

Height 660 mm
Width 610
Dept 650
*Please refer to the manufacturer installation instructions before you install and use your new wood fire. Local codes and regulations may override the manufacturer specifications.



Attard Sheet Metal produces Stainless Steel Flue kits to suit our wide range of Wood Heaters. The stainless steel flue kit consists of items manufactured from high quality steels.

All stainless steel items, including the active flue pipes and weather cowls, are fabricated from 304 grade, 0.55mm thick, satin finish stainless steel, ensuring trouble free years of service.

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