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We're updating the site with the latest Eureka wood heaters.

All the charm of dancing flames on a cold winter’s night, without the heat loss or inconvenience of conventional open fireplaces – that’s what Eureka heaters offer you.

There is an Eureka wood heater to suit every Australian home., 14 outstanding models and designs are available, from the famous bay window range to the sleek an stylish flat windows freestanding and insert models. There are also variables such as the Cooker, Woodstock and the unique Nugget radiant which can also be fan forced.

For those wishing to heat several area's, you may choose from two styles of double sided wood heaters which can be placed through a plaster or brick wall.

Eureka wood heater

The new generation

The Eureka Bay Window Freestanding Range combines features and benefits unique to the Australian woodheating market (refer to the external and internal features on the previous page). This stylish and modern range offers 3 models:

The Emerald is the versatile mid size woodheater with streamlined sides and is ideal for smaller to medium areas and heats up to 220m2

The Onyx is a large powerful woodheater with a capacity of up to 300m2.

For large open plan living and the ability to distribute heat to all areas of your home, choose the robust Solitaire which can take a log length of up to 480mm front to back. Heats 350m2.

All Eureka Bay Window units are standard with a powerful 3 speed fan, one piece toughened ceramic glass, firebrick lined for increased efficiency and minimal wall clearances coupled with maximum heat output make the Eureka Bay Window an ideal choice for your home.

  • Stylish and modern appearance
  • One piece ambient bay view glass window
  • Double fronted firebox for pre-heated primary air
  • Air holes under front to distribute hot air to floor level
  • Optional chrome or gold plated door available at extra cost
  • Removeable front panel for easy fan access
  • 3mm bevelled base plate for extra stability
  • Angled top plate to deflect fan air downwards
  • Robust fully fabricated steel door, hinged with glass and rope retainers:
  • Fan air flow at top of woodheater
  • Self sealing door to firebox front
  • Cool air intake air slide control
  • Fan air flow at bottom of woodheater
  • Large firebox area which incorporates an extra deep ash bed
  • Internal heat shield and fan air ducts
  • 8mm strengthened and removable steel baffle plate
  • Firebrick lined to ensure maximum heat efficiency
  • 6mm fully welded steel firebox incorporating modern manufacturing techniques
  • Powerful 3 speed fan for fast air circulation
  • Pre-heated primary air chamber and double firebox front for extra strength
Heats up to 350m2
Black metallic
  • Reflective stainless steel flue shields
  • Colorbond outer pipes to match your roof colour
  • Custom made flue offsets, wall and floor penetrations
Height 825 mm
Width 842
Dept 605
*Please refer to the manufacturer installation instructions before you install and use your new wood fire. Local codes and regulations may override the manufacturer specifications.



Attard Sheet Metal produces Stainless Steel Flue kits to suit our wide range of Wood Heaters. The stainless steel flue kit consists of items manufactured from high quality steels.

All stainless steel items, including the active flue pipes and weather cowls, are fabricated from 304 grade, 0.55mm thick, satin finish stainless steel, ensuring trouble free years of service.

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