Its time to come clean!

No other wood heater combines a clean burn, high performance and durability quite like a Clean Air Wood heater. Clean Air wood heaters are designed and manufactured especially for Australian winters and are perfect for cozying up on a cold winters night.

Clean Air's innovative use of the latest technoilogy has created a wood heater range with leading edge firebox design ans quad burn system that outclasses the rest of the field in output, efficent use of fuel, environmental performance, and style.

By using less wood than standard wood heaters for comparable performance, a Clean Air wood heater provides true value for money

cleanair woodheater

Luxury and Elegance

The very picture of luxury and elegance, the Clean Air Victorian Fireplace Insert commands attention as the centerpiece of the room. With a classically slimmer fascia than standard and the high arch with an optional decorative cast trim, the Victorian Fireplace Insert may be beautifully finished with an optional crafted timber mantelpiece. This timeless wood heater provides maximum heating capacity and efficiency with very low maintenance and a great deal of appeal.

The Victorian Fireplace Insert utilises the same Firebox design as all Clean Air Wood Heaters, is designed for very large, open plan houses with high ceilings, and will heat up to 30 squares. Noted for efficiency, performance, and low emissions, the long burn times of Clean Air's slow combustion wood heaters ensure maximum heat for minimum cost, day and night.

With traditional charm, the Clean Air Victorian Fireplace Insert is ideal for your period home, to finish off your renovation, or if you simply like the style

Patented quad burn and firebox air redirection system
  • Long overnight burn capacity
  • Exceptional clean burn technology
  • Patented heat exchange tubes 6mm firebox fully welded and reinforced
  • 25mm refractory liners to protect and enhance your fire
  • Large, flat self cleaning door
  • 3-Speed fan standard on all models
  • 10 Years warranty
  • Stainless Baffle
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Victorian Medium heats up to 25sqrs
  • Victorian Large heats up to 30sqs
Available in a choice of eight fashionable colours
  • Gold or chrome door
  • Stainless steel flexible flue pipes
  • Stainless steel offsets and customized adaptors.
  • Stainless steel chimney top capping complete with outer pipe fitting and standard weather cowl
Victorian Medium
Firebox Height 600 mm
Firebox Width 615
Firebox Depth 460
Fascia Height 825
Fascia Width 800
Inside Fascia to start Flue 190


Victorian Large
Firebox Height 650 mm
Firebox Width 715
Firebox Depth 510
Fascia Height 885
Fascia Width 900
Inside Fascia to start Flue 240

The CleanAir Inbuilt wood heaters have an option which allows the installation of these heaters within a timber stud enclosure when ordered with a specially designed, insulated metal enclosure called a Zero Clearance Box. This is applicable to the Large and Medium insert wood heaters. Contact Attards for information regarding the Zero systems.

Please refer to the manufacturer installation instructions before you install and use your new wood fire. Local codes and regulations may override the manufacturer specifications.

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Attard Sheet Metal produces Stainless Steel Flue kits to suit our wide range of Wood Heaters. The stainless steel flue kit consists of items manufactured from high quality steels.

All stainless steel items, including the active flue pipes and weather cowls, are fabricated from 304 grade, 0.55mm thick, satin finish stainless steel, ensuring trouble free years of service.

Click here for more info.